What To Expect in Your Maldives Vacation

Maldives is the meaning of heaven to numerous with its turquoise water, white sandy sea shores, and plentiful ocean life. Mostly secret to the world until the 1970s, its retreat islands are currently world-popular, attracting various tourists from all sides of the earth. Prior to 2009, travelers can just remain on resort islands but now you can stay on local islands as well, which makes your vacation even more exciting!

It is worth noting that Maldives is a Muslim country and there are a few rules you should know. Having stayed in Maldives, we came to learn a few things as well as bust a few myths, the first being that you can actually have a budget holiday in this wonderful paradise. So here are a couple of things to expect when visiting a local island in Maldives.

It will take money and time to get to Maldives

Maldives is one of the most dispersed places on the planet, with 289 square meters of land with just barely more than 200 occupied islands. 

You can get the neighborhood ships, which are genuinely modest, from Male Ferry Terminal, which can take from 30 minutes to 14 hours relying upon your goal.  If you want to reduce the travel time by 1/3 you can opt for a speed boat or a sea plane which is a more expensive alternative. 

There are designated Bikini areas in Maldives

Many people are not aware but Maldives is a Muslim country and as we said, there are rules that you need to abide for a memorable vacation. You don’t want to be banned in such a beautiful country.

With this regard, it is essential that you know the bikini spots in the island. It is illegal for one to wear swimwear just outside of assigned swimsuit seashores on a neighborhood island. While everyone is allowed to wear bikinis, you may be required to cover up your shoulders or your bottom when you’re out of the water and when outside the bikini beaches.

We love the slower pace and spontaneity of this country

Things were definitely more relaxed and spontaneous on the local islands. Whatever we wish to do is decided a night before or the morning of the day and we were often surprised with a side trip along the way. Most of all, you can do anything with your time here and because of the laidback aura, you will be surprised just how many things you can accomplish in a day. For example, you can snorkeling and turtle watching in the morning, island hopping after lunch, and then do a side trip to the sandbank. At dinner you can have BBQ on a local island or have a sunset beach dinner and still have a lot  of time to do other stuff after that.

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Most Romantic Hotels in Seattle

Seattle is the largest city in the United States with diverse tourist attractions and huge parkland to enjoy.  It is also the home big tech industries such as Amazon and Microsoft. As you may know people always travel to Seattle for business but what you don’t know is that it is also a favorite destination for couples.  Whether you are newlywed or just about to be wedded, here are some of the most romantic hotels that you can stay in Seattle.

Mayflower Hotel

Built in 1927, Mayflower Hotel remains charming as it was first built. Centrally located in Seattle, this hotel is a perfect choice for couples who want to stay close to the city. It is just a 10-minute walk to Pike Place Market and closer to many other attractions. Each room features tiled floors, luxurious bathrobes and soaker tubs. If you have a romantic escapade, you can take your date to a wine reception held every Wednesdays from 16:30 through 17:30.

Hyatt at Olive 8

Hyatt is a modern hotel located near the University of Washington. Aside from being close to many public facilities, it offers a great accommodation for couples who simply want to relax. You can try the swimming which offers an iconic view of the city. The plush lounge chairs and modern rooms are something you can look forward to in this hotel.  Each room is very modern and stylish with iPod docking stations and a flat-screen TV. You will definitely enjoy your stay in this hotel.

Kimpton Palladian Hotel

Kimpton is another great hotel in Seattle. You are going to love the romantically designed rooms with pop-art pillows and claw footed bathtub. The hotel is near the Pike Palance Market and 1 kilomter from Space Needle. This hotel also features a seafood restaurant called Shaker +Spears, which offers sumptuous dishes. You can even dine and date here with your significant other.

Hotel Andra

Hotel Andra is a luxury boutique located at the heart of Seattle’s downtown area. If you want easy access to many facilities and shopping malls in the area, this is an ideal place for you. The hotel is also just a 6-minute walk from the Pike Place Market and Westlake Shopping Center, which means that you are going to have fun with your significant lover here.

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How to Spend Your Weekend in Miami

When we think of Miami, it is easy to picture the white beaches, palm trees, and fresh tropical vibe of the city. Well, people don’t call it the Magic City for nothing. Truly, Miami is one of the magical places on earth with contoured-filled streets and vibrant beach life.

If you haven’t gone to Miami it is time that you plan a trip to this wonderful place. This guide will help you prepare the best Miami trip of your lifetime.  

The best time to go in Miami

The best time to visit Miami is between March and May when the temperature is average. While the majority of the places in United States are shaking off the cold weather in March, Miami’s weather is warm but not swampy between these months.

Transportation in Miami

There are many ways to visit your favorite places Miami even when you are not bringing your own car.  You can rent a car or opt for a taxi. You can also ride the Metrobus for only $2.25 per trip. From the Brickell neighbourhood to the downtown area, you can take the Metromover which is free.

You should visit these places too when coming to Miami…..

Art Deco Historic District

Even if you are not a beach person, you can visit the Art Deco Historic District, where you can see uniquely designed buildings and luxurious hotels. You can’t help but admire this wonderful part of the city.

South Beach

Located at the southern part of Miami, the South Beach is the most popular white beach in the city with wide stretching white sand and turquoise blue waters. The area is always crowded especially during summertime but rest assured you are going to love the tropical vibe and the friendly tourist in this side of Miami.

Everglades National Park

Just a short drive from Miami, this park features 1.5 million acres of swamp lands. It offers an airboat tour that will take you to the marshes and streams to see alligators and wildlife.

Bayside Marketplace

If you are into shopping, you can visit the Bayside Marketplace. You can choose to purchase items among the 150 speciality shops in this area.  It is also home to various cafes and restaurants where you can relax and eat delicious food. The fact that it is located along the Miami’s waterfront is a bonus itself, giving you the best view of the docks and boats. This is usually the jump-off points of tour boats to the different tourist spots in Miami.

Miami is truly a great place to visit for beach lovers. While March is the best season to fly to Miami, you can still visit from June to November when the best hotels offer major deals.  Enjoy your trip to Miami!

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Top Tourist Attractions in Thailand

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. Thailand is also famous for tropical beaches, majestic royal palaces, old ruins and well-decorated temples exhibiting figures of Buddha.

Talk about a gorgeous retreat! We took some very special friends with us who helped us start our business over 10 years ago. Over that time, we have become known as the top-rated house painters in Chandler, AZ. It was worth every second and every penny. The scenery is beautiful, the food is wonderful, the people are friendly, and so much more. Visit these spots:

Railay Beach

Krabi region is home to some of Thailand’s most famous beach attractions, and Railay is the cream of the crop. Widely thought one of the amazing beaches in the country, Railay delivers on promises of white sand beaches, clear blue water, and a feeling that you’ve found a slice of heaven. 

Koh Phi Phi

The Phi Phi Islands is in Krabi, and this one is one of Thailand’s most famous resort areas for a reason. Only Phi Phi Don is colonized, with day trips available to the neighboring islands. One of the enjoyable spots on Koh Phi Phi is Monkey Beach, where you’ll come face-to-face, literally, with the namesake creatures. 

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Even if your intention for Thailand principally involve frolicking on a beach, cozying up to elephants, and taking as much Massaman curry and tom ka gai as humanly possible, you’ll probably kill at least a day or two in Bangkok. 

Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai

Every Thailand tourist look forward to inexpensive and delicious food, and it can be found in abundance at Chiang Mai’s Sunday Night Walking Street. Vendors sell all kinds of treats: pad Thai, chicken satay, samosas, crab cakes, fried bananas, sweet rotees, and fresh fruit shakes.


Thailand’s reputation as a country of beautiful landscapes and friendly people is thanks primarily to the world-renowned southern beaches. Most people don’t realize that the vast north is also home to breathtaking views, though these are different entirely. 

Doi Suthep

Perhaps the best-known wat in Chiang Mai sits atop Doi Suthep, a mountain overlooking Thailand’s northern rose of a city. You’ll have an opportunity to marvel at intricate religious carvings, in a crowd of monks, devout Buddhist followers, and fellow travelers. You can also observe worship rituals, and gaze out over the ever-growing sprawl of Chiang Mai city. 

Sukhothai Old City

Sukhothai is a famous stop for history buffs and photography enthusiasts, as there are many beautiful photo ops in this old capital of Thailand. Remains of this old city still stand proud despite standing centuries of battle and outpouring to the elements. Sukhothai’s ancient City is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and much has been invested in restoring and preserving one of Thailand’s most important historical sites.

Floating Markets

A tour of the floating markets is a fun way to do some shopping and taking while supporting local vendors and observing local trade in action. Some do seem to cater more to the visitor crowds than to be part of the fabric of local Thais’ daily lives, but others make for a lovely authentic travel experience.

Here are the ten best Thai foods to try:

  • Pad Thai
  • Fried Rice
  • Green Chicken Curry
  • Spicy Beef Salad
  • Red Curry
  • Morning Glory
  • Spicy Shrimp Soup
  • Chicken Cashew Nut
  • Spicy Green Papaya Salad
  • Chicken in Coconut Soup
  • Bonus! Khao Soi

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Top Tourist Destinations in Cozumel

Whether you want to explore the Mayan ruins, swim in the Great Maya Reef or relax on the white sandy beaches, Cozumel boasts numerous tourist attractions that tell the story of local history and culture and also give visitors a chance to enjoy some recreational activities outdoors. From Punta Sur Park to the San Gervasio archaeological site, the island of Cozumel caters to the visitors of all ages.

Cozumel Island Museum

The Museum of the Island of Cozumel, located in downtown San Miguel, houses two floors of exhibits and collections that tell the story of the island’s natural environment and local culture. Visitors can learn about the pre-Colombian and Colonial periods, wildlife migration patterns to and from the island, archeology and pirate attacks on the island throughout history. A restaurant on the second floor serves breakfast and offers views of the Caribbean Sea.

Punta Sur LightHouse

Punta Sur Ecological Park offers boat trips through the lagoons and snorkeling excursions and is also home to the Punta Sur LightHouse, a historic lighthouse open to the public. Visitors can climb up to the top of the tower to enjoy panoramic views of the beach, dunes, lagoons, and coves throughout the nature preserve.

Discover Mexico

This is a cultural theme park that tells the history and culture of Mexico in pre-Hispanic, Colonial, and modern times. Tourists can walk through the park to see replicas of famous sites, ruins, and colonial buildings, and also watch video documentaries in a state-of-the-art theater on-site. The Isla Cozumel organization consults to take at least 80 minutes to walk through the entire park grounds.

Faro Celarain Eco Park

Observe the nature reserve at the Faro Celarain Eco Park, put out a few hours snorkeling or look over the museum on-site to learn about the ecosystem of the island of Cozumel. The eco-park houses an extensive collection of flora and fauna and protects over a thousand species of animals and plants. Tourists can take a self-guided tour of the grounds to enjoy the historic lighthouse, the famous Mayan ruin El Caracol and the mangroves and reefs along the coast. It is open 7 days a week.

The Island of Cozumel or “Isla Cozumel” as it’s known in Spanish is located 12 miles off the coast opposite Playa del Carmen in the Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun, known as “Mexico’s top party destination” is 45 miles to the north of Cozumel.

Mexico travel can be enjoyed year-round, but the best time to visit Cozumel is during the months from March to June, before the hurricane season commences. The hottest months are July and August which coincides with the hurricane season that lasts until November. Winter is Cozumel’s busiest period, and it runs from December through to March.

What to Eat in Cozumel:

  • Half Senor Frogs
  • Colores y Sabores
  • La Cucina Italiana
  • COZ Coffee Roasting Company Cozumel
  • Habanero’s Grill & Bar
  • Taco y Tequila Cozumel
  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
  • Diego’s
  • Buccanos at Night
  • Sal de Mar
  • El Billy Asados Al Carbon

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The Must-See Attractions in Norway

Norway is a Scandinavian nation encompassing mountains, glaciers, and deep coastal fjords. The capital is Oslo a city of green places and museums. Preserved 9th-century Viking ships are shown at Oslo Viking Ship Museum. Bergen, with painted wooden houses, is the opening point for cruises to the histrionic Sognefjord. The country is also known for fishing, hiking, and skiing, notably at Lillehammer Olympic resort.


One of the most beautiful places in Norway is a town of Trondheim. This town is the third largest in Norway. It has a whole list of great places to visit and things to do.


Not a secret is that probably the main reason why tourists visit Norway is its fjords. It has a bunch of them. The longest one, and perhaps the most beautiful in Norway, in Sognefjord.

Waterfalls Valley

This is another wonderful place in Norway that recommends visiting is the Waterfalls Valley how the visitors call it. Husedalen Valley is the official name. This place is less known among visitors than most of the other excellent sites in Norway from this list, but is no less impressive!

North Cape

Isn’t it thrilling to stand on the cliff of the northern part of Europe? Definitely, it is. Standing here, you feel like it’s the end of the world. Oh, really! Memorable feeling that you cannot experience in other places.

Jostedalsbreen Glacier

Now, let’s go to the next point from the list of the most beautiful places in Norway, namely, the Jostedalsbreen Glacier. Because Norway is a Nordic country, there are many glaciers on its territory, about 1600. Jostedalsbreen Glacier is the largest in Norway and even the whole of Europe! It covers an area of 487 square kilometers. It also has over 50 glacier branches.

Fantoft Stave Church

One of the several beautiful stave churches left in Norway until our days is the Fantoft Stave Church located in the Fana borough in Bergen. If a businessman from Bergen didn’t buy it and rebuild it, we wouldn’t be able to see this beautiful church today.


Røros is one of the oldest towns of wooden buildings in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated on the Swedish border. Places, where to visit include its church (the only one), its museum (the only one), and Slegg Haugan big slag heaps.

Lofoten Islands

Lofoten islands are located on the north of Norway and are great for fishing and enjoying the natural beauty.


Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock is another excellent place to visit in Norway. It is a beautiful cliff above the Lysefjorden fjord. After a relatively easy hike, you will get to the top of the mountain with a surface looking like another planet. You can sit on the cliff and take some Instagram pictures showing how brave you are.


Bergen is a beautiful town on the west of the country with the second largest population in Norway. It used to play a significant role in trade during the Hansa times being the main fish port connecting northern Norway with the countries of the Baltic Sea.

Norway is a beautiful country full of great places to visit. The state of towns with colorful wooden houses and majestic natural landmarks. It is challenging to choose the best places to visit in Norway, as every spot is impressive in its way.

7 of the Best Traditional Norwegian Foods:

1. Lefse

2. Kumla

3. Lutefisk

4. Whale Steak

5. Pickled Herring

6. Krumkake

7. Fårikål

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What You Need To Know Before Visiting Africa

Africa. The land of danger and wilderness. This is what many people think when they are thinking about Africa. And, this is the number one reason why so many of them don’t even consider a trip to any African country. The thing that you need to know is that you might make the biggest mistake ever, not to make time to visit Africa. You can have the best possible experience. You just need to make sure that you remember these things. 

Not all African countries are dangerous

It is important to know that not all African countries are dangerous. Just think about your own country. Are every town, region in your country safe? Or, are there parts that you won’t go yourself?

This is the same in Africa. There are some African countries that are really safe to visit. However, there are some of these countries that you should rather stay away from. But, you will miss out on a great country with great experience in you don’t even consider Africa as a tourist destination. 

It might be best to do as much research as possible

Yes, just like with most countries, it is essential and recommended that you should do research. To make sure that you know as much as possible about the country. This is so that you can know which country is the safest to visit, the things that you should take with you and if there are any vaccinations and medications that you need to take beforehand.

The more research you start to do, the better you will understand that Africa isn’t all just bad. That there are some great things about this country as well. 

Africa is a really beautiful place and can make a great a great tourist destination 

Something that you might not realize is that Africa is a really beautiful place and it makes a great tourist destination. Especially if it comes to the safaris, nature and the different cultures that you can find there. Africa is known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with the most beautiful and biggest animals in the world as well. The animals that are known as the Big 5.

Africa. A country that is underestimated and misunderstood. A country that is mostly safe to visit and where tourists can have a great time experiencing animals, safaris and great nature scenes. And, don’t forget the different cultures that you can experience. Africa is a country that can be considered as a tourist destination if you are doing enough research. 

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